The starting points of my art originate from nature and the surrounding world. In recent years, I have been particularly interested in themes related to climate, nature, and environmental issues, and I actively follow research and discussion on these topics. The increasing threats to the planet's biodiversity, such as global warming, pollution of nature, seas, and lakes, as well as increasingly severe weather phenomena, have already led to worsening natural disasters. Much of the damage already caused to animal and plant species is irreversible. It remains to be seen how the world will change and what the consequences of all this will be for future generations.
I work in the field of contemporary paintings, and my technique involves oil and acrylic painting on canvas, board, or various recycled materials. My paintings are created through layers, where I explore the possibilities of paint by varying between thin and thick as well as opaque and translucent color. My work is a dialogue between reality and imagination, as well as intuition and consideration. Although my paintings have some real starting point, I usually do not paint observation as it is, but rather transform and distance the starting point of the painting by freely combining different pieces of memory and imagination, turning the original observation into something else along the way – a distorted reality or a new world. The painting process can also transport the imagination to the past or to possible future perspectives.